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Message from the Sheriff

I have had many concerned citizens ask me how I feel about gun control and the 2nd amendment as it relates to the recent incidents. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitutions of the State of Alabama and the United States of America. I took that oath very seriously. I understood, that County Sheriffs may one day be our last line of defense against a government that seeks to reach outside its lawful bounds. A Sheriff is by constitutional statute, the highest law enforcement officer in the county; a law enforcement officer that is elected by the people. We are given the ability to call upon the people in times of need; to swear them in as deputies, to stand with us, in order to protect citizens from enemies that would harm us or would seek to rob us of our freedoms or of our rights as American Citizens. My job and the job of the deputies that stand with me, is an awesome responsibility, especially now in such perilous times of conflict. Our right to keep and bear arms is one of those absolute rights of the constitution that I am sworn to protect. This right is given to Americans so that we may not only protect ourselves and our families from criminal elements, but also to be called upon to stand with me should the need arise. God help us if it should come to that. The 2nd amendment was framed to insure that the people would be armed and able to fight for a righteous and lawful cause.
I do, however, believe there should be controls over who is able to purchase and carry weapons. Those controls are in place. The law forbid felons, the mentally ill, or dangerous and violent people from possessing/carrying guns. There are laws to prevent guns in schools, courts, federal properties, and other public places. Individual property owners and businesses have a right to forbid weapons on their premises if they wish. Federal laws require background checks for firearm purchases and special ATF permits for certain types of guns. Sheriffs of each county are tasked with the responsibility of approving concealed carry permits. We don't need any further laws or statutes. We need the power and ability to enforce the ones we have and the means to deal appropriately with criminals and the mentally ill that fall through the system. I believe that every law abiding citizen has the right to own and carry a gun if they wish to do so. This right shall not be denied or infringed upon according to the constitution. I, nor any of my deputies, will be seizing guns from law abiding citizens nor will we stand for any federal agent to violate our citizens' constitutional rights.

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